Making Medicines in Africa

Necessary Conditions
African healthcare
and the
Health Industry


From Columbia to IIHS, India

Prof. Smita Srinivas

moves as Head of

new School of

Economic Development


Do you Agree with the Global Innovation Index 2014?

TCLab probes analytical approaches to innovation and development. The more important the diversity of innovation paths and planning processes becomes, the greater the competing urge it seems to standardize measures and rank countries.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is said to caputre the 'human factor in innovation'. Does it? Do you agree with its ranking? Read more about its measurement and the ranks with differences among countries.


Opening the International Development Black Box at the Open University

The Open University's Economics Department and Centre for Innovation, Knowledge, and Development are advancing the scope of international development research. Take a closer look at their expertise.

Maureen Mackintosh, Prof. of Economics and Director IKD, and Theo Papaionanou, Deputy Director, IKD host the Local Health workshop, a foray from industry to health.







New book-Innovation in India: Combining Economic Growth with Inclusive Development

Shyama Ramani (Ed.) Cambridge University Press 2014, just released

Chapters from Smita Srinivas, Arijita Dutta, Nagesh Kumar, Carl Pray, Ambuj Sagar, Gita Surie, Lata Nagarajan, and many others.



FAPERJ-Columbia Global Center 2014 award for Team of Profs. Srinivas, Pinhanez (FGV-EBAPE, Rio)

The FAPERJ-GC 2014 award is for the analysis of technological shifts and decentralized industrial governance in Brazil's oil and gas industry.

Can Brazil boost energy production for diverse energy users and new energy markets? Petrobras facilities shown here (photo credit, Petrobras website)


The World Cities Summit: Over 130 Mayors, 20,000 participants and development and planning experts


TCLab launches new ILAS funded study on youth skills in the machine tools with Global Center

TCLab began a new project analyzing the economic and spatial institutions for youth employment and skills in the machine tools sector. Now in Mumbai and Bangalore, with plans for Rio and Sao Paolo....

Photocredit: Brown & Sharpe's Universal Milling Machine, 1861


Will Mayors Rule the World? The World Cities Summit 2014, Singapore


Africa’s firms revealed as innovative but unsupported

Many creative activities occur in poor nations, but often they are undervalued; Little innovative knowledge comes from abroad and firms rarely collaborate.See the report on the Oxford University study  Creative Commons Attribution License



Meet our Past TCLab Visiting Scholars

TCLab Visiting Scholars have come from the London School of Economics (LSE); Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC), Santo André, Brazil; Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA), Brasília;

Global Value Chains meet Systems of Innovation

Several scholars were generously hosted by the Globelics Copenhagen Secretariat in May 2015.


Globelics in Cuba

Innovation to reduce poverty and inequalities for inclusive and sustainable development

TCLab goes global: From and For Developing Economies

While TCLab has always been focused on developing economies, it becomes more global and yet more located.



The New School of Economic Development, IIHS

The Indian Institute for Human Settlements has appointed TCLab Director, Smita Srinivas as Head, School of Economic Development.

Making Medicines in Africa

The Necessary Elements of African Health and Health Industries.

UNICEF, science, engineering, children

Why are children excluded from so many scietific breakthroughs and technological innovations?

Technological Change for Climate Change, but only with full cycle solutions

The C40 research blog lists city finalists.

Industrial Booms, Busts and Fracking

Callie New's M.S. thesis is a pioneering effort in more ways than one.

Waste materials chains

These steel recycling bales are products. They are products with value between and within countries.