Bangalore, "India's Silicon Valley"! TCLab-IIHS studio 2012

Columbia University Urban Planning studio, Bangalore, India

TCLab and the Indian Institutes for Human Settlement (IIHS), likely to be India’s largest university addressing urbanization issues, are running a joint studio and practicum exercise. The client for the pedagogical format is the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation, a regional agency that influences economic and industrial development in Bangalore, “India’s Silicon Valley,” and other cities in Karnataka state. With nearly 10 million people, Bangalore is one of Asia’s most dynamic and fastest growing cities, but it faces immense governance and regulatory issues. The city has gone from being a green, beautiful city, to one with low quality-of-life indicators. TCLab, IIHS staff, students, and others will grapple with models of de-concentration and how the current and future Master Plans can better connect economic activity with daily living and citizen input. We will be sending in regular field reports from New York and Bangalore about our progress.

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The student team made some recommendations that would better incorporate the informal economy into infrastructure plans, and better connect employment, industry growth, and infrastructure for citizens.

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