The Indonesian government asks Globelics to help improve innovation systems

The most recent Globelics Conference (October 2016) hosted by the University of Padjadajaran in Bandung, Indonesia, caught the attention of the Government of Indonesia and during the conference a meeting between Globelics and representatives from the office of the Indonesian President and from several ministries and agencies was held. This meeting has now led to a request for future cooperation from the Indonesian Government. Especially the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education is enthusiastic to continue seeking input from Globelics in improving the Indonesian innovation system.

Not only about new ideas, but also how to apply new ideas in practice

Bengt-Åke Lundvall, General Secretary of Globelics and Professor at Aalborg University, explains that the reason why the knowledge of the researchers of the Globelics network is appealing for governments in developing countries is because “the approach of Globelics is not just about making good quality science and good quality education, but also about how to transform this knowledge into practical use. This is what we mean by innovation.” Lundvall continues:

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