TCLab Innovation Research Presented at MIT 2016

See more on the seminar here - IPCSeminar22016_0.pdf

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The most recent Globelics Conference (October 2016) hosted by the University of Padjadajaran in Bandung, Indonesia, caught the attention of the Government of Indonesia and during the conference a meeting between Globelics and representatives from the office of the Indonesian President and from several ministries and agencies was held. This meeting has now led to a request for future cooperation from the Indonesian Government.

Whose innovations? At what cost? The Innovation, Knowledge, and Development (IKD) Research Center had organized "Innovating for Local Health: Addressing Local Needs in a Globalised Context" on 25th April 2014 Milton Keynes.

Africa's industrialization and rapid urbanization, UNECA 2017 launch event, Dakar.



Organized by Profs. Nathalie Lazaric and Amel Attour in Nice, France, the 2nd International Workshop on Smart Innovations: Digital Innovation for Smart Ecological Services, will cover various aspects of governance, urbanization, and services. Dr. Srinivas will give the keynote address to a gathering of economists and business organiztion specialists. 

"...there is a comment that made me run out of my office to share it with my colleagues:

An analyst of today’ s mixed economies has no excuse for minimizing the state’s roles by pointing to past errors of centralized socialism. (p. 183)