Technological Change for Climate Change, but only with full cycle solutions

The C40 research blog lists city finalists. Cities were assessed in categories from waste management to renewables, mobility to greener buildings. Read more about the finalist projects in their worldwide competition and see what Dhaka has done to be a finalist in waste management. However, can industries do much more to reduce emissions and water pollution? And the big ones: full lifecycle management of products and processes. Consider India's CFL disaster in Down to Earth. What was considered a climate-friendly transition to a new product has generated a poisonous environment in the absence of industrial life-cycle approaches. This is a call to action. The IPCC report appears to have sidestepped the issue, says zerowasteeurope. TCLab's new ARVI project with Tampere University of Technology's CITER on waste materials chains may be a modest step forward.

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"...there is a comment that made me run out of my office to share it with my colleagues:

An analyst of today’ s mixed economies has no excuse for minimizing the state’s roles by pointing to past errors of centralized socialism. (p. 183)


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