Urban ethics and theory: Prof. Lisa Schweitzer praises Market Menagerie

"...there is a comment that made me run out of my office to share it with my colleagues:

An analyst of today’ s mixed economies has no excuse for minimizing the state’s roles by pointing to past errors of centralized socialism. (p. 183)


Prof. Lisa Schweitzer praises the book in her blog review of Market Menagerie:Health and Development in Late Industrial States (Stanford University Press Economics and Finance series 2012). http://lisaschweitzer.com/2014/02/27/readurbanandplanningwomen2014-entry...

Schweitzer looks at social justice and ethics in urban analysis. Her expertise lies in environmental justice, sustainable transportation, hazardous materials in urban environments, and community environmental quality. The NSF, National Institutes of Mental Health, and CAL TRANS have all funded her research. http://priceschool.usc.edu/lisa-schweitzer/

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