The Christopher Freeman Memorial Lecture and CSSP's students, New Delhi

CSSP, the Centre for Studies in Science Policy, is a vibrant centre in the developing countries context and situated at India's leading university, JNU.

It is the home, before SPRU, Chris Freeman's academic home, of the Memorial Christopher Freeman Lecture series. Unique to CSSP is that this is a largely student-initiated invitation to hear the latest in innovation thinking relevant to development. First Christopher Freeman Memorial Lecture: Prof. Mammo Muchie (2015); Second Christopher Memorial Lecture: Prof. Amit S. Ray (2016); Third Christopher Memorial Lecture: Prof. Smita Srinivas (2017).




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The challenges of running economic governance via the nation-state are many. Especially in a world where technological change is moving about the institutions and production sites we have taken as the foundation of these nation-states.

City and Regional governments are becoming more important (in some cases again), especially evident in the EU, in South Asia, and in famed examples such as secession-prone Quebec or new sub-national states such as Telengana.

There is historical evidence linking waves of migration with the fortunes of nations in different industries.  Post WWII German and other European immigration to the US and the subsequent boom in several sectors; Indian immigration of professional classes of doctors and engineers to the US from the 1950s and then a new wave of computer industry workers later; and now also Syrian and other doctors and engineers, natural scientists and economists moving to Europe.

Smita Srinivas and Saku Makinen have been studying the utility of different technology transfer waste processing and absorptive capacity frameworks to see whether Finnish waste technology firms can adapt to waste processing contexts outside of Finland. Former TCLab Program Manager  May Yu recently completed her thesis research studying the complexities of this process in Brazil.

But health technologies have indeed transformed the industry, allowed several developing countries immense gains in healthcare, and for most industrilizing economies, opportunity for patients and welfre states to buy into wider technology options.

See TCLab-related research on the health industry, where industrial policy plays a critical role in how cheap or expensive healthcare is. Read the award-winning book Market Menagerie by Smita Srinivas.